Oh, my tummy.....
Gut health is not something we tend to spend much time thinking about until we HAVE to spend time thinking about it, but it’s super important to our overall wellbeing. Hippocrates knew four hundred years before the birth of Christ that all stuff started in the gut. Keep your gut healthy and your body will be healthy. Ignore your gut, and, well……not so good. 
Gut health hinges on enzymes, but what the heck are enzymes anyway? I mean, you’ve probably heard about them. You probably even know they are good for you. But do you really know why or what they do for your body? Until five-ish years ago, I sure didn’t. As I learned more and more about how to keep my body working in tip-top condition, I couldn’t help but continually bump up against enzymes. Let’s explore a bit.
We are born with enzymes of all kinds in our body. They are found within our cells. Enzymes create and speed up chemical reactions in the body to support life. That sounds sort of flowery and nonspecific, right? Basically, enzymes are essential for building muscle, breaking down food during digestion, and destroying toxins in the body. Obviously, these are some pretty important functions for our bodies! 
Over time, we use these enzymes up and we need to replace them. When we don’t replace the enzymes, we severely hinder the process of building muscle, digesting our food, and expelling toxins! Basically, we feel like crap and we don’t function at our top capacity!
The body produces enzymes, but for most of us (all possibly) we don’t produce even close to what we need for optimum levels. There are some foods that can add enzymes to your body. Of course, finding organic ones would be the best answer, because….adding toxins is just more taxing on the body!
Raw Honey
I don’t know about you, but most of the foods on that list are not in my typical diet or I can’t find organic versions of them easily. Avocado and bananas are about it. Not that I don’t like lots of the other stuff. But I’m just being honest about what happens in my house. There is also the fact that you need all the different kinds of enzymes because each one has a separate and specific function. 
Personally, I supplement. I have found supplements that I trust completely that add to my enzyme levels. I have seen a huge difference in my gut health. About five years ago on Super Bowl Sunday I found myself in the ER. I had gut pain I could no longer sleep through and a fever that was kicking my butt. Turns out I had a nasty infection that had gone into the lining of my bladder and kidney. The nurse couldn’t believe my pain tolerance when she saw the MRI. They cultured my blood and told me to expect to be called back to spend a few days in the hospital with a blood infection. Thankfully that didn’t happen.
After clearing that up, my gut was wrecked. Nasty (but necessary) antibiotics and I assume other residual effects from the infection had left me with almost constant gut pain. It wasn’t debilitating or anything, but it was annoying and ever-present. 
I started taking supplements. Sulfurzyme came first. I started slow and worked up to 6-9 a day. Sulfurzyme is filled with MSM. It’s amazing for hair, skin, nails, and organs. I noticed a significant change in my bowel movements. I had never had any real issue in this area, but things were just easier and more productive.

Next I added Essentialzyme and Essentialzyme 4 to the mix. Essentialzyme I take every day with my other pills and Essentialzyme 4 I try to remember to take with my largest meal of the day or if I’m going to make poor food choices. I know you are always making good ones, so this part won’t apply to you, right? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)
Lastly I’ve added Detoxzyme and Allerzyme. They do pretty much exactly what you would expect from the name.

Do I take them all every day? Well, I try to. But, you could certainly mix it up and take a couple different ones each day throughout the week so that you have added enzymes from each throughout the week a couple times. The one I would never miss is Sulfurzyme. My hair is better. My nails are better. My skin is better…..and the gut pain that was present for months and months only returns when I forget to take Sulfurzyme for several days at a time.

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