I help strong women develop their unique talents and gifts 

so they can empower others and build abundant wealth 

without sacrificing being a great mom.

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Hey there, I'm Tanya!
I’m so glad that you found your way here!

I don’t believe in accidents. 

Whatever winding path you followed to get here, 
you’ve arrived exactly where you are supposed to be.

I hope you will stick around!
Wondering what you'll find here?
Well, that’s a great question, and all I can tell you is that it’s sort of the online representation of my brain….

only toned down, filtered, and censored…

...but only a tiny bit.

Years ago I took an intelligence test. My top three were Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Music. 

What does that mean? 

I’m all wrapped up in my head, your head, and it’s all set to music. 

I love...

Being a life coach
helping folks navigate everything from 
non-toxic living to marriage and divorce stuff
(including sex, because….hello….not enough people talk about it and it’s FREAKING IMPORTANT) 
to hockey to kids to spiritual things. 
Basically, no topic is off limits

It would be an honor to get to know you! 
Let’s stay connected. 

Let’s find our common ground. 

Because you know what? 

People are a lot more alike than they are different and the whole wide world would do well to remember that!
Here's how to get connected:

Welcome to the dumping of my brain!
Sometimes I’m on a roll with a topic and we will cover something like goal setting in depth. 
Other times I’ll use an experience from life to expand and dive into a topic. 
One week might be the best recipe for fried rice you’ve ever seen and the next week we might be unpacking the way the church is failing. 
It’s real life and I would love to share it with you!

With 26 years of marriage, a divorce, and 22+ years of parenting, I’ve got some tips and tricks. 
I’ve also lost myself in this crazy life and found myself again. 
I’ve been in the homeschooling trenches, the craziness of military moves all over the place, and co-parenting. 
If you feel blown every which way or if you’ve figured out how to handle life with grace and ease…..we need you to be a part of this amazing group!

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